Preservation Framing Is Our Specialty

“So,” you ask, “What IS Preservation Framing?” Simply the best way to ensure that your precious memories, photos and documents are preserved for generations to come! Almost everyone has something in their possession that brings back cherished memories of days gone by. Perhaps it’s a photograph, a poster, your grandmother’s crocheting or needlepoint. Maybe an old golf scorecard, ball and tee from a memorable day on the course. Some old war mementos, perhaps ration stamps from WWII or your DD-214. Almost anything can be framed and if it’s worth framing, it’s especially important that it be done correctly.

There are many things that can be framed and many ways to frame them. Yet, if you have something old, chances are that it has already deteriorated somewhat. Has it has faded or slightly discolored? If so, you should know that with typical framing, the kind sold and practiced elsewhere, your cherished items are not fully protected from the ravages of time. For one, standard glass will allow your items to continue fading. Some traditional backings and mounts used in the average frame shop can even serve to slightly increase the speed at which your paper memories decay.

Here at A Frame Or Two, our training and materials are top-notch. Some of our framers have been trained by notable instructors associated with the Smithsonian Institution. Sure, we realize that you may not be protecting something as famous as the Constitution or Betsy Ross’ first stab at our flag. However, we fully realize that what you are attempting to preserve is very important to you. That’s why we strongly recommend preservation framing.

Of course, preservation framing may not be suitable for everyone. Every framing job is unique in it’s own way and we treat it as such. In every framing situation, there are many options available and several factors to consider. When it comes time to start making those decisions, it is important for you to make the most educated decision possible. That is where training, certification and experience come into play.

Each year, we attend one or more intense continuing education classes. These classes serve to focus and sharpen our skills and teach ways to handle even the most difficult tasks. Joanne, has over 15 of these continuing education classes to her credit and has been a framer for many years.

When it comes time to have your precious memories preserved, they deserve to be handled by a highly trained and skilled artisan. Someone who has the knowledge and experience necessary to guide you in making the right choices to preserve your keepsakes at a price you can afford. You simply will not find anyone with her combination of education and experience in the average frame shop.

Joanne was awarded the status of Certified Picture Framer in February of 2013. This highly prized credential demonstrates extensive knowledge and experience in Preservation Framing. Certified picture framers are internationally-recognized for their skills and knowledge of framing techniques.

If you happen to be in the area, drop by A Frame or Two and see for yourself. Or, explore our website to become more familiar with what we have to offer.