Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Have Prints or Pictures for Sale?

Yes we do! We are more than just a frame shop.

In addition to offering custom framing for virtually any item or project, we carry a variety of prints, photos and original oils from local artists such as V. Ryan Lauzon, Phyllis Arnold, Molly Fahey and Bryan Varnum, as well as nationally known artists such as Gary Saderup, Jacklyn Penny and Robert Kline. **

On display for sale in our gallery are over forty framed pictures showcased in a diverse array of custom framing techniques, such as triple and quadruple mats, multiple openings, float mounted photos and prints to provide dimension. Each item is complete with UV filtering glass as well as acid and lignin free mats in order to help preserve the art work. The presentations in our gallery include local scenes of photography, limited edition prints, and original paintings. Since one of most unique attractions in our area is the Sunset Beach Bridge, we have a variety of pictures and photos of this bridge, both framed and unframed.

Sunset Beach Swing Bridge
Sunset Beach Swing Bridge

What About Framing Items Like Needle Art or Crochet?

Concerning needle art, we take pride in offering proper framing techniques for all needle work because each one is an original work of art, whether it´s your grandmother´s doily, counted cross stitch someone gave you, or intricate needle point you finished yourself. You will see examples of properly framed needle art on display in the gallery.

Why Custom Framing?

When you have an object of art, a special photograph, or an item you want preserved, you have several options as to how to save the item. With a print or photo you could simply buy a frame to fit. For posters there are standard size frames available in a variety of sizes and colors. Or, you could visit a “do-it-yourself” internet site to choose your frame. The last possible resort is to keep your precious art item in a box stuck in your closet. With all these options, why would you consider going to a custom frame shop?

The answer is that we, as professional framers at A Frame Or Two, have the skills, materials and knowledge necessary to preserve and protect your personal and loved works of art. The purchases of materials from retail stores and internet sites are frequently inferior or misleading. For example, the label might indicate “acid-free”, but the reality is that usually the only part that is REALLY acid free is what you see, not what touches the art or photo. Why is this important? Because whatever elements are used in the frame you purchase so you can “do-it-yourself,” will inevitably do harm to your picture. Economy priced frames purchased from discount stores fall under the phrase “you get what you pay for”. “We have no qualm with the man who has lower prices, for it is only he knows the value of his work.”

Why A Frame Or Two?


We have been in business for 25 years and during that time we have served many clients and handled a wide variety of complex framing issues.


At A Frame Or Two, we have studied the elements of design, the benefits of quality materials, how proper spacing aids in the visual presentation as well as how to protect and care for valuable items. Since we have frequently seen the effects of inferior materials that have caused permanent damage of precious possessions, we believe in taking time to explain the various elements necessary in a framed item that requires special attention to preservation. Granted, not all items need this special care. There are, however, certain elements of design that will either make or break your picture, and we will work with your preferences of styles and color to best enhance the art while blending into your décor. This is the feature of custom framing that is not possible when purchasing ready made frames from discount stores, drug stores or internet sites.

Point to ponder: when you were planning to build your home, would you have considered consulting someone working in the lumber yard of a home improvement store to draw up the plans? Or if you were sick, would you ask the check-out person at the drug store to treat your illness? Probably not!

Professional Credentials
Professional Picture Framers Association Logo

A Frame or Two has been a member of the Professional Picture Framers Association (PPFA) for many years. Our membership in the PPFA insures that your framing job will be handled by a qualified professional and demonstrates our professionalism and dedication to caring for your precious memories.

Each year, as a member of the PPFA, Joanne participates in one or more intense continuing education classes. These classes serve to focus and sharpen our skills and teach ways to handle even the most difficult tasks. Joanne, has over 15 of these continuing education classes to her credit.


At A Frame Or Two, we are aware of the desire to economize, and while there is nothing wrong with that, we ask that you consider the long term effects of your choice. The finished framed item will hang in your home or office for an extended period of time, so if there is something wrong with the colors or design; it will not improve over time. If you have to get it re-framed in order to correct the problem, it will cost you more than it would have to have it framed correctly the first time, and often the damage is irreversible.


There are many choices available in mouldings mats and glass, and we carry a full line of mouldings to meet the styles, preferences and budgets of virtually everyone. We willingly offer suggestions that will enhance your project and match your décor, while considering whether or not it requires preservation materials. In this matter, we will explain the virtues and benefits of using conservation glass with UV filtering which is available in Conservation Clear® , Conservation Reflection Control® , or Museum Glass® . For decorative art that is not purchased with longevity in mind, we have available regular glass and glass commonly referred to as non-glare, neither of which offer UV filtering, but are less expensive.

Just click on a photo to see a larger image.

How Much Does Custom Framing Cost?

Without actually seeing an item, it is virtually impossible to convey because of the many and varied choices available to complete the project. For instance, we carry over 800 frame samples, nearly as many mat board samples, and eight different options for glazing (commonly referred to as glass, but includes acrylic). Then, depending on the actual item to be framed, the cost will vary between an item that needs full preservation mounting and materials with an item that can be easily replaced, such as decorative art.

What if I just want to get to “get an idea” or a “ballpark” of the cost?

We cheerfully give FREE ESTIMATES. Simply bring your item into our shop. Because of the multitude of choices available, each of which can have an effect on price, it’s virtually impossible for us to give you an estimate of what it will cost over the phone, without seeing the item you want framed.

Whenever you come into our frame shop with an item to be framed, we consider décor, value of the item being framed and, of course, your budget. One of our knowledgeable experts will guide you through the entire process, sharing their knowledge and fully explaining your choices. We do not work up a frame project and simply tell you how much it will cost without explaining as we go along.

We will work together on choices and styles you prefer to assure your complete satisfaction!

How Long Will It Take?

Currently, due to COVID-19, most orders are completed within 3-4 weeks. However, we have several choices of mouldings in-stock that allow us to complete frame jobs as quickly as overnight. We also have several already finished frames, commonly called “Ready-made” in standard sizes to facilitate a completed frame project within the same day if needed. With a full custom frame project that requires ordering materials, we are usually able to finish within the allotted time.

Sometimes the need arises to have a last minute item framed. To accommodate this, we have a variety of ready made frames in designated standard sizes that are economical and can be used for quick last minute projects. These frames are complete with glass and hardware necessary for hanging or standing and the display is varied enough that you will easily find one to compliment almost any décor. Some are even complete with UV filtering glass and acid free mats.

What if I am in “town” for only a week?

We have access to moulding companies (they made the materials for the frame itself) that will allow us to accommodate a rush order when needed, as well as our in-stock moulding, mat boards and glass that allows quick turn-around. We pride ourselves in being able to accommodate our customers as much as possible.

What if I won´t be back for a month or longer?

Here again, we can accommodate this situation. We have customers who don´t live in the area of our shop, but have beach houses or condos they visit frequently or vacation at. In this case we finish the project and wait for their return. All we normally require is the 50% deposit. We can also pack and send the completed framed project to your home if that is the best arrangement.

What If I Just Need New Glass? Or a Hangar?

Yes we can help and we are usually able to finish it the same day you bring it in.

If you have a frame with broken glass, it is best to let us remove the remaining particles as we have the tools necessary. At any rate, this requires the entire frame to be disassembled and new hardware installed along with new back paper called the dust cover. If we discover loose or broken corners, we can repair minor problems at the same time, but if we find a serious problem not evident at first, we will contact you before completing the project. The cost for this repair or glass replacement depends entirely on the size of the frame and the amount of time it takes to complete the project. We can give an estimate of the cost when you bring the frame to our shop.

What Are Some of the Things I can Have Framed?

CollectiblesPocket WatchesTools
InstrumentsQuiltsBaby Items
Family HeirloomsSports JerseysVacation Memoris
BooksMagazinesMemories of Your Pet
PostcardsStamps or CoinsMemories of a Loved One
Report CardsNewspaper ArticlesAwards and Certificates
Children´s ArtSports MemorabiliaPuzzles
Golf Score CardsBaseball CardsPortraits
NeedleworkDiplomasCounted Cross Stitch
Love LettersPoemsFamily Documents
Marriage LicensesWedding InvitationsFamily Photos
Fishing FlysFishing LuresScarves
Silk ArtworkCollagesChristening/Baptismal Gowns
and just about anything else you can think of!

What About Sports Jerseys?

Yes! As a matter of fact, here’s one we did recently:

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